Website Hosting

Once you have a website that accurately represents your company, story, and brand as you envisioned. It is time to pick the best web hosting service for your unique business needs.

Website Hosting With LionHeart Development

Here at LionHeart Development, we make sure that your hosting fits into your business’s overall online marketing needs. Most people do not give hosting the attention it deserves. The website hosting package you choose will house your website and be in charge of delivering all the files, and addressing all the visitors that come to your site.

Since the server you put your website on is a significant component of your website and does affect your site’s speed and user experience, we customize our servers to match our small business clients.

Web Hosting Services

Our goal is to make sure your website has exactly what it needs to be successful, no more, no less. We give considerable thought to how these components fit together to serve your companies online message.

We make sure your hosting server is ideally linked to your WordPress website and serves the importance of your site. Your server is a link in the chain that ultimately affects how Google sees you and how customers experience your website. Since this is the case, we customize all our servers with software and packages that make your WordPress site blazing fast and meet the demand of all your unique visitors.  

To learn more about Server hosting and why it is an important consideration. Consult our blog on “What is Web Hosting?” 

What Comes With Your Hosting Packages?

Each web server comes with a free domain, and since WordPress is a content management system, it comes with control panels for you to know how your site is performing when online. It provides data to understand how your site is functioning.

Each hosting package comes with custom email addresses, and all the web hosting services you need to be successful.

Our customer service is meant to serve you and your business website. With the speed of a VPS hosting or dedicated server – your hosting package has the value and the rate needed to move your business forward.

To learn more about hosting packages not covered here, you can look at the Wiki article here on Web Hosting.

Why LionHeart Development For Website Hosting?

Web hosting is a physical location where files are stored to be remotely accessed by the world 24/7.


We take speed seriously. Research shows that users visiting your website need fast load times and quick delivery of files. Plus, speed performance is a page ranking determination that Google uses. We significantly limit the number of websites on each host server to maximax load times.


Security is our #1 priority. Since we have a limited number of hosted customers and every hosted customer, we also designed their website. Our servers are updated regularly and optimized for precisely what your website needs.

Server Management

We manage our cloud servers. We have optimized the servers to be as quick and efficient as possible. If you need a feature added, we are just a phone call away. Plus, we have 99.9% uptime.

Virtual Private Network

Your own IP Address on a secure server. No 'shared hosting' here.

Our Website Hosting Packages

We want to make sure we take care of every customer and help them be successful. If you do not have a website yet, please look at the benefits of using LionHeart Development for your website design, or if you have a website, you will need effective SEO implementation still. Look at our SEO services.