WordPress Website Design

A website is one of your most powerful online marketing tools, and it is the online extension of your physical business.

Your website should convey the feeling, branding, and purpose of your business clearly to your audience.

A website’s function should be to increase traffic, assist in the users’ experience, and be efficient at converting strangers into loyal customers.

Website Design With LionHeart Development

Your website will be the main gateway online for your business, representing you and your brand.

A physical business will not survive long without traffic and buyers. A website is the same way. A properly built website must be profitable in delivering traffic, which leads to purchases, in-store, or online.

Here at LionHeart Development, online marketing starts with your website. We custom build each website to match your business. We craft content that tells your story and clearly defines your mission. The way each customer navigates a website is unique, and since every visitor’s first impression matters. Your website must be built with care, quality, and professionalism.

picture of a website development from every angle on paper

Why Website Design With LionHeart Development?

At LionHeart Development, you get a cohesive design that factors in your target market. Do your visitors tend to us mobile or PC? How do they navigate the web page? What pages are they skipping? How far down the page do they go? And much more.

We factor our design choices based on your target marketing web behavior and your unique companies brand, message, story, and customers.

When creating a website, you want it to be built once, and work for years to come. To do this, we use data of your market demographic and business to choose our web design choices.

With our design services, you will have a responsive website. It means that your design and development will have both desktop and mobile in mind. It will be a responsive design that will be user friendly on all devices your potential customers are on.

picture of a man looking at paper version of a phone of a website design and color pallet

We consider the whole picture. A website needs a robust server, and it has to integrate with Google (in the form of SEO). If you miss key points in building a website or use a template – you leave a lot of money on the table – in the form of lost business opportunity. Instead of your website being a Superbowl commercial for your business, you may end up being a yard sign in terms of attention and traffic.

The transparent online presence of your website is a powerful internet marketing tool that brings in customers. Our design process for your custom website will represent your physical company in the digital market place. You are thus attracting potential customers to your business from their mobile devices or PC at any time of day—a 24/7 online marketing tool for your business.

When its all said and done. You can trust in working with us that we thought and implemented all the steps needed for your website to be successful. We left nothing out.

LionHeart Development For Website Design

Business Care

We genuinely care about our customers, and we want to see them succeed. As your web designer and web professional, the success of your website is our top priority. We know a successful business supports your family, employees, and cares for your customers. We give every web design project our very best.

Web Design Experts

We continue to learn and push ourselves creatively every day. We are passionate about our field and work to integrate the latest web regulations, user experiences, online marketing strategies, and search engine changes. As your professional web designer, we make sure you have a robust web presence that you can count on.

The Files Are Your Business Asset.

You own your website outright, and the data is your companies legal asset. Once we build it, you can take it anywhere (of course, we prefer you hosting with us - see web hosting). But it is your asset. You can do what you want with it - it is not tied down or owned by someone else.

Our 7 Step Web Design Process

Business Research

We take the time to listen to your goals and vision for the web design project and research your industry and competitors. Once we have a solid understanding of your target market, message, brand, story, mission, and goals - we start the web development process.

Web Design Process

We follow a strict web design process and map out the appropriate success route for your web design. We make sure no point is unfulfilled, so you can be confident that your company website will be successful at launch Day 1.