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What Is Web Hosting?

Website hosting is an important step to consider when putting your website online. But you may not know the security, speed, and vulnerability issues you are giving up by going with one hosting company over another.

When you are hosting your website, you place your website files on a large computer (a server) so that people can access your website from any location. As you can imagine, cheap hosting does not mean good hosting. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about where you are hosting your website.

"Cheap hosting does not mean good hosting."

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Server Location

Where is your server located? I had a client who was hosting his website with a large name brand hosting company, and his server was in Europe. Two issues with that, Europe has privacy requirements that are different from the US – so your website could be none compliant based on where it is stored. Also, if someone who is local wants to visit your site, it will take much longer to visit your site – since the server is not local. Speed is a huge factor – and its a ranking factor for Google- so your website loading slowly can affect your rankings online.

We make sure the server your website is on is as close to your business location as we can get. No matter where you live, we can digitally move a server location closer to your site to speed up the file transfer process. Not many hosting companies will do that for their customers.


Website Security is also another issue. One of the factors of website security is your hosting company. If you collect customer data, charge credit cards, online e-commerce, or in the heath/law/financial field – protection will be significant for your liability. 

Many larger companies host hundreds or thousands of websites on a single IP address (shared hosting). This is like having the same address for hundreds or thousands of people – the only difference is the name of that person. This can pose some security risks. 

One issue is that these company many times cannot update their servers, or software often enough – since updating required that ALL the website on the server need to update their own websites (since hosting companies cannot make changes to the websites themselves). As an example, if for security reasons, you had to update your computer to Windows 10 – but you had to wait until all your neighbors updated there computers to Windows 10 as well. This can be a huge hassle. 

In the digital world, the older a software is – the more vulnerable it can be. 

Since all our hosting customers are businesses that we have built, maintained, and work with. We know every website that is on each server, and we keep those servers updated and secure. For more info on this topic of security, you can read our blog on Online Security.

"In the digital world, the older a software is - the more vulnerable it can be."

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Speed is another issue that can play a factor, much like computers – servers have can have different processing power and storage/delivery speed. As you can imagine (much like your own internet), the more people using the same computer or internet cable- the slower it gets. When hundreds and thousands of websites are using the same network – speed often does go down.

Speed is a ranking factor for Google, and we take it seriously. So our servers are optimized for speed and optimized to fit in with certain websites. We keep computer processing high – by limiting the number of websites on each server, and what type of website it is in order to maximize speed.

Depending on your website, clients, market, and objective – your hosting has to fit the overall goal of your website.

If you have any questions about hosting, contact me directly at I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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