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What Is Web Hosting?

Website hosting is a crucial aspect to consider when you are looking for setting up your website fully for business. Where you host, will significantly depend on how fast your site responds.

You think of the relationship of a website to a hosting server this way. Your website is the files, and the hosting server is the computer that stores and delivers these files.

Much like a computer has programs to support your workflow, a server has to be maintained appropriately, be fast, and have applications on it to serve your website quickly and efficiently.

"If your website does not have speed on delivery, your customer experience will be affected."

A server has to be up and running 24/7 so that your website can be delivered to customers and visitors.

Hosting packages come in many flavors and styles. For the most part, the low end hosting package will be suitable for most people’s needs. What is ‘low end,’ though?

As an example, hosting packages at LionHeart Development starts at $29.99/month, hosting packages at HostGator begin at around $10/month (minus all the discounted marketing fluff).

It all depends on your website, but the main difference is speed & performance – and convenience. The larger companies stack hundreds of sites on the same server (kind of like a cramped apartment complex), and the more expensive ones give you more room to breathe (which frees up processing speed).

Is speed important? If you have two websites and one loaded in 3 seconds and one loaded in 10 seconds – which one would enjoy more? With all things being equal – the faster one.

"Hosting & Website Design both play a crucial part in effective online marketing."​

If budget is an issue, go with Hostgator – they do good for the speed you get on their lower-end packages. If you want to make sure your site is well grounded, go with our packages. They are priced competitively, secure, and provide you the speed your site needs (focusing on SEO and Online Marketing). We know that speed is not something you want to save on if you are serious about growing your business, especially if you are an online store. But, if you want a simple site, and are not worried about anyone other then your customers visiting it – Hostgator is a good option.

Overall, hosting is a relatively straight forward process. It placed your website on the internet and handled the delivery on your files to visitors wanting to learn more about you.

If you have any questions about hosting, contact me directly at I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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