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5 Must Use Marketing Tools For 2020

Don't use a rock, use a marketing tool.

Tools. You could build a house with a rock and some wood slivers, but a hammer and nails are just much better. Marketing tools are the same way. You could write your message on a whiteboard, hold it high above your head with excitement running down the road, yelling, “Freedom!!”. The next day, you may appear in the newspaper as ‘that weird guy.’ I would not recommend that method. Instead, you need tools & techniques that put your message in the best light and with as little amount of work as possible.

I want to provide five tools, which you can use to do pretty much any marketing with. All are free to use.

You may have heard of Google Alerts, but what does it do? Would it not be cool to get an alert for any changes to your Google Search Results? For your company name or your name. Well, that’s what Google Alerts does. You can get email reports sent right to you, showing you how your marketing efforts are doing. And it’s all free, the sweet, sweet smell of free.

Google trends are another tool that helps you understand what people are searching for. This can be powerful in coming up with social media ideas or marketing plans. As of this writing, Fiona Apple was number one with 50k+ searches, who is she? I have no idea, but 50 thousand people in just a few hours searched for her…You can also see the most popular website articles and so much more. If you are not using this, today is a good day to start. Did I mention its free?

When you put your marketing into the world, your grammar and spelling have to be on point. I am typing these words in Grammarly at this very moment. You can sign up for a free account or a paid account. Trust me, if you are putting any content out in the world, we all need an expert to look over our work before it going into the world. This tool is a must.

Email is still a thing, its another marketing base. What is cool about MailChimp is they have an excellent free account and other considerations depending on your needs. Do you need to create a survey for your customers? A poll? Social media posts? MailChimp has a lot to offer, and it’s free, in case you were wondering.

So you have read about a few tools, but nothing yet to help create this marketing content. Adobe Spark is your tool. You can sign up for the free version(did he say free! Yes, yes, I did). You can make excellent looking posts for Facebook, Instagram, really any social media post can be made here. Do you hear that? Fr…ok, you get the point.

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