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5 Marketing ‘Tips’ To Boost Your Bottom Line

Stay Away From GrapeFruits!

Today I wanted to provide 5 “tips” to boost your marketing message. Some of these tips will make you cry, some will make your throw your phone, and some will make you fire that recent ‘marketing professional’ that told you to spend that $1000 on special grapefruit that secretly markets to the other fruit about your business. It did not work? What!!?? Weird.


If I wrote on a piece of cardboard and handed it to you, would that be telling you my story? No, no, it would not. A useful website is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. If you don’t think so, its because your website is not built correctly. You need to go the extra mile.

Spend the time or the money on making SURE your website is hitting on all cylinders. Ok, that’s a lot of metaphors, but you are catching my drift.


Even before you get a website going, you need to have a reliable brand from the fonts, colors, pictures, filters, logo, and wording. Everything you say has to have “your story brand” in it. The main reason is if you don’t know what your brand is, how are strangers going to know? How is it going to hit them, move them, and make them listen? Take time to get a branded kit. The best tip is to pay a professional to create your brand or logo or both. Once you get a professional logo built, you can draw off the colors/fonts to create a message.

Social Media

Ok, I think people miss what social media is. It is like saying ‘your files are in the cloud’…what cloud?; you need to understand WHAT social media is before you can use it. If your website is your company’s online business, social media is one of your online marketing employees. They deliver content to people, so they click the link and drive them to your website, increasing your search results.

Another way to think of social media is ‘networking groups.’ Each group has a slightly different audience. If you are a restaurant, you want to be on Instagram (those food pictures are fantastic), or Pinterest. If you are a professional, you need to leverage LinkedIn. It is essential to be authentic on social media.

Find out who your target market is, and talk directly to them.


I think these words may sting, but know I love you. You need to change. I want to make something super clear. You don’t know your business, your customers do. They shop and buy from you for a reason. Are you a customer of your own business? No, your the boss, so that means you need to LISTEN to what your customers are saying and NOT saying.

You like the color yellow, who cares? Do your customers like yellow? If yellow is part of the brand, a PROFESSIONAL created (who is not you) perfect. Yellow it is. The professional picked that color due to your exact branding and target market needs, not because it is your favorite or your wives or children’s favorite color.

Ask your customers why they bought from you, why do they come back, why did they tell their friends, and which of those customers do you want to “duplicate.” Their opinion is golden.

Unless you developed a product where the critical story is creating this product FOR your children and their favorite color happens to be yellow, then it fits the core story. But 99.99% of the time, your opinion does not matter; only paying customers have a say. It is a hard pill to swallow, but I am telling you, nearly every failed business fails because of pride, and thinking, “this is how I do it.” Great. Do you hear that ring? It is the unemployment department calling.


Its a scary word “Data,” but you have to, sorry, bust out those profit and loss statements, and look at things like “client acquisition costs.” Are you paying $10000 on newspaper ads? Cool, how is that going? Do you think if you stop those ads, your company will suffer? How do you know? Don’t tell me you ‘have a feeling’ or ‘you know’ (refer back to ‘change’).

Unless you can convince yourself, with actual factual data, that $10000 bought you x amount of ads, x amount of calls, x amount of buys, and x amount of repeat clients. You do NOT know. Your business does not run off of pixy dust; it runs off of robust data. You need ONLY to do marketing in which can get to 99% certainty what your client acquisition cost is. Then you will know that ‘this marketing’ gets me one paying customer for $67.54. Guess what? Then you can scale up, pay $6,754, and get 100 customers. Welcome to a scalable business.

Well, I hope these tips have helped, or have you even questioning why you are doing what you are doing. Just remember if you don’t get a handle on your businesses, someone will, and you will be working for that person. Or you will be writing your company message on cardboard that says ” Will Work For Food.”

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