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Redesigning A Website

I wanted to discuss the importance of redesigning, in this context, redesigning your website. Over the years, technology changes, and what users expect from a website changes. If your interested in checking out what your favorite website looked like 10 or 20 years ago. Check out the Internet Archive. You can put in the URL of your favorite site and see what it looked liked years ago—eye-opening stuff.

The point? Redesigning your website will keep your company modern and keep customers engaged with your business. Every five years or so, its best to get a website designed, sometimes you can push it longer. I would ask your web designer if you don’t have one; well, contact us, and we will provide you our honest feedback.

88% of consumers who search for a type of business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours

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You may be thinking, ‘it costs money to redesign a website,’ and you would be right depending on the type of website you have, and if its a static site or online store, that redesign could cost from $2000-$5000+ (in 2020).

Lets put this in perspective if you have a physical location, how much would it cost to redesign your physical business location? At least 10x+ what a website would cost. You may be thinking, “My physical location is much more valuable than my website, so it is worth it to redesign the physical location.”

Even though I understand your view, recent data does not support it. That may have been true 20 years ago, but now, that is no longer the case. Your website (in 2020 and beyond) has much more power over a customer’s purchase then your physical store (scary, right?). Check out this research report on that very subject. It may help put things in perspective.

To make sure it is clear, I am not saying your physical location has no value. It absolutely does. Most sales are still made from a retail location (not online). But its the combined power now of a website that helps tell your message and drives customer buying decisions. A business with a well-built website will have enormous increased returns over the long term vs. a business that does not have a website, solely because of how customers arrive at their buying choices.

From a business perspective, if your business growth is stagnant or slowing. Nine times out of 10, it is a result of your online presence. Why? Because new competition is coming in, with a better-made website, and potentially taking your customers or potential customers.

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If you are not sure that it the case, let me know, and I will do a free report of your website and competition for free, and we can at least rule that out.

So, getting back to the point of this article. Your website is a cheap alternative to boosting sales and driving business than most business owners realize. As the years go by, and millennials and Gen Z become the middle class, your website and reviews on your company (from strangers) will be the motivating factor on whether or not someone buys from you.

So get a leg up on the competition, follow the change of future business, and think deeply about a redesign. If you do not have a website, get one made immediately, and if it has been around five years, talk to your web designer (or us) about a redesign.

Your business and customers will thank you.

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