About Us

What is LionHeart Development?

LionHeart Development is a company located in Emmett, Idaho, and we currently serve customers in Idaho and Oregon. We have been in business since 2019.

Our mission is to help small businesses thrive in an online world. We design websites, manage servers, and implement online marketing strategies to help you grow, inspire, and serve your customer base.

We take your knowledge of your business, passion for your field, care for your clients, and we create a cohesive online presence that accurately reflects your goals, message, story, and brand – from any online device.


Creating the perfect website design that reflexes your business core goals; is not an easy task. It takes an experienced professional who takes time and follows the correct steps to meet a complex set of functions.

In today’s online world, it is no longer enough to have a simple online billboard for your business. The website has to match your customer’s expectations, meet their growing needs, and your website needs to be found easily by all potential customers.

Working to create the perfect website for your company is something that we are passionate about doing. We want to make sure the site feels authentic to your brand and tells a clear story that captivates your target market.

At the end of your journey, your website will be a 24/7 online marketing power source that will clearly represent your business, tell a compelling story, be familiar to use, and help customers better understand your product or service. Assisting you to drive sales, build value in your customer’s eyes, and create a lasting online presence.

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Meet Your Team

Picture of Chris Norman. Owner & Full Stack Developer
Chris Norman

Chris is a Web Developer and Online Marketer. He is passionate about programming, mathematics, data, and marketing.

Chris was a financial advisor for over two years as an independent asset manager for a large independent financial institution. He also worked with a New York based equities trading firm for some time, so as you can imagine- he likes data and numbers.

He started his first company at age 16 and has been off and on as an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. He has owned over eight businesses, some sold, some failed, all were a fantastic learning experience on how markets/enterprises work.

All businesses have one common goal; to help someone else meet their needs, wants, desires, or hopes. If you can provide someone with exceptional perceived value and solve a known problem, all with care and concern for them, as a unique person – you will have gained a customer for life.

He is happily married to his loving, supportive, and creative wife for over 11 years.

Picture Of La Rae. Web Designer
La Rae Norman

La Rae is a website designer and web collaborator. She thinks about colors, fonts, and how things work together from a design element and user experience.

She attended college for sign language and was an interpreter for the deaf for several years. This provided her a unique training and professional skill in understanding subtle movements, body language, and non-verbal communication.

She uses these skills to put into her designs subtle colors, fonts, or changes to reflect a verbal or non-verbal understanding of branding information. In her designs, she uses these to integrate a clear story and user experience to every web design.

She has been happily married to her husband for over 11 years. Together, they bring a unique approach to every web project and deep customer care.

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